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The Survey Says: Not All LSU Law Students Happy

When students in the fall semester 2014 raised concerns with diversity and discrimination at the LSU Law Center, Chancellor Jack M. Weiss’s response was dilatory at best. Rather than tackle tough issues head on, the chancellor appointed a task force to study whether there was a problem at all. Behind the scenes, Weiss and his spin doctor initiated a disinformation and propaganda campaign to discredit students who spoke out about  less-than-stellar experiences at the Law Center. When Weiss announced his resignation in July 2015, he cited “major policy differences with a vocal segment of the faculty” but did not hint at major policy differences with students as well. The following excerpts of student experience surveys of LSU Law Center students, cosponsored by the Association of American Law Schools and Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, suggest Weiss had lost confidence of students as well as faculty. Furthermore, student comments on racism undermine Weiss’s campaign to discredit minority students calling for diversity reform during the 2014-15 school year.

The survey says: Students have been complaining about racism, sexism, and homophobia at the LSU Law Center for years.


Student Views: Chancellor Jack Weiss

LSSSE Weiss Nail Polish
LSSSE Ship Without CaptainLSSSE Meet With Students

Hey! At least one (first-year) student stuck up for Weiss.

LSSSE Jack is Great

Student Views: Race Relations

LSSSE The N Word 2LSSSE Because We Are In The South Not GreatLSSSE Must Do More 2LSSSE Could be Better

Xenophobia probably is not a good thing for a school that holds itself out as international.

LSSSE Seriously Rethink

Professors are not exempt.

LSSSE Bothersome

This 2011 first-year woman offered some real-talk for administrators. She did not appreciate the f** jokes and n** jokes. And like any good feminist, she did not enjoy being a sex object.


LSSSE Professionalism


Of course, not every student thinks there is a problem with diversity. (You, my friend, make the case for the 2011 first-year student above.)


LSSSE None of Your Business

At least this person did not even try to pretend he or she is not racist. You tell me, what is Southern University Law Center for? Last I checked, they were 40 percent white, if that even matters.

LSSSE What Southerns For

R. Kyle • July 10, 2015

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